Rules before you post on this group...

1. Post max 2 pictures in a day in the group timeline and the event
2. You can post any picture to the group timeline, but pictures that are related to the event theme will be allowed in the event only
3. Best-Picture(s) will be selected every week starting from FRIDAY to THURSDAY.
3. Upload pictures directly to the group or the event. Do NOT share a link. Any picture that is shared from another page or link will be deleted. 
2. Do NOT share the same picture at both the places (group timeline & ongoing Event). Any picture that is shared at both the places will be deleted. 
3. Any kind of photography album is not allowed.
4. Upload photographs you have taken yourself.
5. No promotion allowed, like the Facebook page, event, and website. 
6. BE NICE. No personal attacks. Criticize the photo, not the person.
7. If any obscene posts and comments are seen, will be deleted & user will be blocked from the group.
8. No Nudity or Pornographic posts are allowed.
9. Again start from Rule 1.

Group Timeline...

1. We select THREE BEST pictures every week from group's timeline 
2. Every week, these selected picture's will be showcased on our various social networks (like facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.,).
NOTE: Members are allowed to share MAX 2 pictures a day!

Photography Contest Events...

There will be a CONTEST events for a photography every month. And ALL members are invited to take part.

1. Winning Picture will replace the wallpaper of our all social networks for one week.
2. It will also be showcased on various social networks(like facebook, twitter, Tumblr etc.,).
NOTE 1: You have to post your pictures in the contest event itself. Pictures outside the event, will not be eligible for the event.
NOTE 2: MAX 2 pictures for an Event!