You have probably never been photographed, and may be finding the right candid photographer is a bit overwhelming – or it's exciting for you! Either way –  I am happy that you found me! Do you appreciate little moments?  Do you want to feel the emotions from your event day?  Do you want to see your special moments as a photographic story?  These are all good signs that 'Shatrughan Singh Photography' is a good fit for you. 



Shatrughan Singh Photography's style is Candid photography. And it's all about creating an experience for you – and honestly helping through the planning process!  I simply want you to look back 30 years down the road and actually feel the emotion in your photographs – this is what we call timeless photography. Shatrughan Singh Photography is a unique and personal approach to photography – this is photography with purpose.


The first step is easy: discovering you. My photography has been called authentic, natural, real, alive. There's reality behind each of these words, and this is the gift you can give yourself. 


Please go ahead and book the appointment accordingly, Or please call me or email me right away at +91-8826300665,



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